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Love, from [Angel Beats!] point of view

Bagian bahasa indonesia dapat dilihat [disini]

Angel beats, this anime somehow has a gentle feelings towards it. For this moment, I'm going to talk about episode 10 of this anime, which titled [Goodbye Days].

This episode revolves on Yui's relationship with Hinata despite knowing her disability.
Yui, while she was alive, all of her body was disabled because she was hit by a car from behind when she's small. That's why, on that world Yui has so many wishes she wants to make true. Until her last wish, which Otonashi cannot grant... Marriage...

Angel Beats
She's disabled, she can't do any housework, no... She can't do anything by herself. Knowing that, who would want to marry her? That's what she think. And Otonashi too, he stumbled upon his own words. He couldn't answer that until Hinata suddenly appears and said that he will marry Yui...

Angel Beats
Yes, he said that he will marry Yui no matter what handicaps she has with her. He even said that if his probability meeting her once again will be 1:6 million, he will always fall in love with her.

Angel Beats
Hinata, bravely said that he'll marry Yui no matter what circumstances she had with her. Even if she's in a body that won't move. Even if she can't give him any child. Even if she's near her death. He will still marry her.
Yui said "But we can't meet in that world... Yui will always be on bed. Yui can't move after all..."
Hinata answered "You know, I play baseball. One day I will hit a homerun through your room's window. And when I'm going to take it, I will meet you. And before long, I will make it a habit to visits you, to talk with you, and after a short moment, we will fall in love again"

Apart from the epicness of this episode, those pairing should make it clear that they both brings love to a next chapter. Their love isn't a love that said "Hey, I love you. Will you go out with me?" or "Hey I love you, let's have a date" or "Hey, I love you. Let's go someplace together with me" but it's a love that said "I love you, I won't leave you and I will always be by your side whether it's sad or joyous. I will love you despite all your disability. Because I love you for who you are. Not the form you are on"

Well I should say that most of us loves other or our lovers with a form they are on. I'll ask a question to those that loves form. Will you still love your partner even though they can't walk? No you won't. You will leave them behind and goes off chasing your happiness. Will you still love your partner when they are disabled for their whole life? Will you? No. You will leave them and goes with a walk with someone that doesn't need your help to walk...

But for those who love other for who they are, they will answer: "Yes I will. If they can't walk, I'll use the wheel-chair to help them. If they can't see, I will be their eyes to tell them about how great this world is. If they can't talk, I will be their mouth since our heart will always connected."

That's what love should be. Love shouldn't see what is outside. Love should see what is inside. Love doesn't need form, since things with form can be lost and we all could forget what is it by time.

Angel Beats

That's all from me, I hope what I write could at least change your point of view about love. Love isn't about going for a date with your partner. Love is caring about them, be with them when they need you, be the one that hold their hand through hardship :)

-Jakarta, 29 of December 2010

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