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2010 memories, 12 things which I cherish as an otaku (Part 2)

#5. The wolf girl and the stray cat
Mayoi Neko

Mayoi Neko Overrun. At first I don't have any liking to this anime since it's a harem-ecchi show which I don't really like since they don't have any plot. But after a few episodes, I realize the main point of this anime. The wolf girl's hidden feeling, and the loneliness of the "stray cats"

Mayoi Neko

Serizawa Fumino, she isn't a honest girl from the start. She loves to lie under her sheep's clothing as a wolf. She's mad when she feels happy, she complaints while in her heart she's praising, and she denies although she permits. I actually love Tsundere, especially when they incidentally say what they feel. So does Fumino. Her stubborness, her lies, and her rage is all interesting for me.

Mayoi Neko

Kiriya Nozomi, she's the "stray cat" I've been talking about. She's like... The main story of this ANIME revolves on her. Of her being the 3rd Murasame. Of her finding what family is. Of her finding what love really is. She is a cute girl with a calm nature.

#4. The librarian book-girl angel that's called black cat

Kana Hanazawa, maybe this name isn't unusual for you guys that loves anime and japanese games so much. But for me, this Hana Kanazawa strikes down my heart after her role as Amano Touko in Bungaku Shoujo. The first time I heard her voice was from Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini as Pavlichenko Suou
At first I don't give a damn about a seiyuu or whatsover but lately, I'm addicted to Kana's voice damn.
Here goes a few of the character she potrays in 2010:
Gokou Ruri Kuroi Mato Tachibana Kanade Amano Touko Shiomiya ShioriYuuki Mikan

Ironically, I follow all those anime lawl

#3. The proof of love on the water surface

In case you guys didn't notice, this is two title of songs that I mash into one
1. Proof of Love, a.k.a Koi no Shirushi (Kami nomi's Ending song)
2. Water Surface, a.k.a Minamo (Nanasaki Ai's 2nd track)
Here you go gaysguys!


While "Koi no Shirushi" have so many version, I'll just give you a few of them 'kay?

#2. The ripple of water, the class representative, and the stalker
Amagami SS, this is a unique anime if I should say... The story is divided into 6 arc which has different girl, different setting, but the same timeline.
Among those 6 girls which everyone has their own arc, there are 3 girls that stuck on my heart lawl

Nanasaki Ai, a rather plain girl. She's way too plain that she becomes lovely LOL. She really is a girl with rather frail personality that it has to take all of her courage to confess to Junichi

Ayatsuji Tsukasa. Your typical model student lawl. She always looks perfect in every moments that you can remember but beneath that facade, lies something that even I am afraid

Kamizaki Risa. The plain stalker which is the cause of Junichi's Christmas trauma lawl. She's kinda cute tho

#1. Marry me! We will make it My soul, Your beats

Angel Beats

Yui... This was one of the most exciting moment of my otaku life... You know, the all-cheerful yui was actually disabled in real life? Oh lawd... I can't even imagine it... And how Hinata acts despite all that have my applause. Actually there is so many things I want to write about them. But I'll save it for another day

Angel Beats

Tachibana Kanade... Her love story is kinda complicated. She has the hearts of the one she love. And on the other hands, Yuzuru didn't even realize it until the day Kanade disappeared. They both has gone a long way and they both has through many difficulties... They're both will always have my support

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