Jumat, 18 September 2009

Cash Cash - Take it to the floor

Buat donlot se album:
Consist 12 song. Click song name to download (baru beberapa. I-Net lemot gan)
  1. Breakout
  2. Sugar Rush
  3. Party In Your Bedroom
  4. Cash Cash
  5. Can't stop Looking
  6. Electric Hearts
  7. Interlude
  8. Concerta
  9. Two Days Old
  10. Radio
  11. Dynamite

Kamis, 17 September 2009

Lonely Road - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Album baru RJA.
Linknya ini

Consist of 11 songs, they are:
  1. You Better Pray
  2. No Spell
  3. Pen and Paper
  4. Represent
  5. Pull Me Back
  6. Step Right Up
  7. Believe
  8. Pleads And Postcards
  9. Lonely Road
  10. Senioritis
  11. Godspeed
Untuk sementara single-nya nyusul ya..

Kamen Rider Double ep 1

Kamen Rider double follows a story of 2 detective Shotaro and Phillip

Episode 1 ini nyeritain awalnya Double. Terus apa itu gaia memory, dll

Download disini

Hardsub indonesia

Senin, 14 September 2009


jadi Combots itu adalah sebuah game tentang memprogram robot sederhana dengan command-command yang terbatas..
memang game ini tidak mengedepankan unsur grafis atau sound..
jika anda mencari game dengan grafis super dan sound effect hebat, tinggalkan thread ini..
game ini menantang kalian untuk memberikan perintah yg sebaik mungkin,
sehingga robot bisa berjalan dengan lancar..

Mau? kasi dah

Lebih lengkap..
Kunjungi tret ini

Treasure Sniper

Buat yang ngikutin series Kamen Rider Decade, pasti tau lagu ini, Treasure Sniper, lagu yang dipake buat 2nd ending ato pas musuh uda mau mati, ato pas FINAL KAMEN RIDE Decade.

Yang nyanyi ni Lagu yang jadi Daiki Kaitou, aliasTotani Kimito.


Linknya ini.

Bus Divine Driver

Jadi supir bisss. Asik dahh

Mau gag??

Klik ini.

Fate Undiscovere Realms Exp Pack

Ni game mantep gan. Diablo styled gitu. Bisa quest bisa mancing..
Lebih ke Fable sih, tapi ga bisa nyerang villager....


Ini linknya!

Internet download manager

Internet download manager, sebuah aplikasi donlot yang lumayan bagus, bisa di PAUSE loch!!!

Emang ada kelemahan sih, kaya kalo gua:
> Pas lagi donlot, buat brosing lelet sangat

Tapi whatever lah,
Mau donlot??


Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

an Oath

I remember those looks in your eyes
The same sight from when we fall apart
The same eyes who has silence me with its echoes
The same person who I has promise to protect

The moment that shake my existence
The time I sworn an oath to her
To protect her. Letting her count on me
To be a reason for me to live

Even if I'm lost. Even if I'm fallin'
There's always someone I wanna protect
Even in this vast universe
There's always someplace I wanna return

"It's okay. I'm with you"
A words came flying towards you
From me...

I am

Just another night I alone wander through
Without you here by my side
Searching for a meaning that can make us tough
even if it's one second I'll go through

Now I know the truth
now that I`m more gentle, I just want to say that I`m sorry
For everything I wish that I could be

Everyone is born from
the same love of an important person
Nobody is alone when they`re born
because you`re never separate

I'm your soul
Too, I'm your shield
Use me as your sword
to go through this lonely world

Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009

Satu lagi tanpa judul

If to live means that I have to leave you
I'll choose to gave up my live rather than living
I imagine what could tick thee as I lie down.

Thou hath ignite that blue flame
which are love, pain and suffer

Even though I have to depend on you
Even though I wanna be embraced
I'll trust this life on you

Morning when I wake up alone,
There's not enough warm.
Only distant memories and embers embracing my heart

If only by chance I had wings, I'd fly to you
But, die for anyone. What have I become
Anyway, there's a fine line between love and hate, and I don't mind
It's okay to hope right?
I'll protect your smile at least

Gag ada judulnya juga

Some stories tell sin to Life
Some stories struck one into Death
Some fables lies on people heart as revenge
Some tales grow us older, as Human

Some lies make us grow stronger
Some truth can make us regret what we are
Some deceive can make you believe what we don't
Some provoke can kill those you believe the most

Path you choose lies on those hand you soak
Either it is by blood
Wet by sin
dry by holy deed

Sometime we as people may be foolish
Yet, sometimes we too are selfish
We savor the blood of we love
But, we hate those who draw theirs

We maybe foolish enough to die for those we love
But, sometimes we doesn't want to sacrifice our own body for others
We human lives in lies
But, we shalt seek forth the truth in our lies

(Belum Ada Judul)

In a night like this
The storm passes all our dreams into reality
If you spend your dream of seeing an alternate
The path you choose to reach your dream

The morning is still going to be
Like drops of dew in the morning is soft to the "Eden"
Without you, I embrace a 'light
A light that is fragile
Fragile enough to be broken by a breath

Just as the sun smiles to your beautiful day
As when the moon sings eternally for your dreams
Just like the stars sparkling like them to you
I will be there when you need me

Just remember this
I do not care what will be next year
In what way does the next month
What about tomorrow
What can lie about an hour later
Or that you think about the next minutes
The only important thing is that I need you
I love you
And I miss you

Whatever you are
Whoever you are
Whenever it is