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2010 memories, 12 things which I cherish as an otaku (Part 1)

So... 2010 is going to end already? Oh lawl

So, I was liek... Y'know this year is... somehow the year I started being a full pledged otaku LOL I mean liek... Going through all the problems of getting along with the current airing anime season, collecting the Original Soundtrack, Character Image song, Opening and Ending single oh Lawd

#12. The story of a sword...that search for identity


Katanagatari goes to end. At first, I thought this anime was like... "Shit, this is a bore killer" until the moment that Shichika knows what common sense means...
This anime has so many emotional moments wrapped by some action on it which makes it a good series...
For instance, this scene:
Watermelon eating
When I saw this scene, unconsciously tears drop lawl... It's way too sad that Shichika has to kill his own sister to get the sword... Or should I say that Shichika did that to release his sister from the poison of the sword and...her sickness

Final episode goes like... F*king crazy with Togame's death... If I am to be Shichika... It's just natural that my mind breaks duh...
The reason...
Shichika asked himself on what reason should he fights for now that Togame's dead? It's a natural thing IMO since all this time, you're fighting for someone's sake, and one day you see them killed in front of your eyes...

#11. The capturing God, will trap your heart


Well, I have to admit that this anime...filled with too much filler IMO that's the only flaw in this anime. Aside from that flaw, it wrapped everything neatly especially with the capturing moment
The runner
This is the capture of the first girl, Takahara Ayumi the runner. Her arc was ratheris very short, 1 episode lawl. I find that she doesn't have any special charm. I say she is rather plain unless she is a runner, a loose soul target, a candidate of goddess and a liar.

The princess
The second capture quest, Aoyama Mio the ojou-sama. Her arc too, is kinda short but they still wraps it quite nicely. She has that special trait which makes her lovable in my eyes, Tsundere
This is the charm :3
Damn I'll do anything to get tortured by her :3

The idol
The third capture duty, Nakagawa Kanon the idol. Her arc is one of the best IMO because of the song of course and Kanon's cuteness level is godly XD She is the goddess after all
she's cute indeed

The librarian
The last capture, at least on this first season of Kami Nomi. This arc has no plus point except Shiomiya Shiori is cute, and Kana Hanazawa as the seiyuu

#10. "What is true happiness?" Campanella asked

The literature girl

Bungaku shoujo, for some reason this movie has a typical chemistry with me since I love to writes too. But that's not the main idea of this animovie. It's more like, a complicated love story that lost for ages, hidden under lies and wrapped under suspicion.
Amano Touko
Amano Touko, the best main heroine of this movie, and have I said that her seiyuu is Kana Hanazawa?
Touko as a main character has a unique personality in my eyes. First of all, she eats books. As for the reason why? You can go watch Bungaku Shoujo Memoir though it won't tell you about it

In comparison with another romance-school life themed anime, this animovie didn't really show many romantic moments but they wraps everything up along with the romance. The romance here is bitter sweet. There lies: Betrayal, Unrequited love, Sweet and fleeting romance

Amano Touko
This scene, maybe for some people will mean nothing, but for me myself, I can feel the warmth of their love, even though in this point nothing happened for both of them.

#9. In solitude, where we are at least alone

Yosuga no Sora
I won't give you any screenshot about this anime tho, feels batman :')

Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no sora's plot revolves around a guy, Kasugano Haruka along with 5 girls that lives in a village. Even though it's a H anime, so many moments in this anime is sweet

#8. The Yellow Scarves, Sword, and the Dollars

Durarara, a complex anime between 3 high schooler which no one knows about their "real" side of their friends.
Gah Durarara makes me sick with all the psychological thingy. It could turns out to be a mind breaker anime though it's good. This one scene is my favourite when Kida Masaomi makes the resolution to wipe out Blue Square's remnant on behalf of Yellow scarves. At least for one point of the anime, he stops being emo and shitting and bitching about how he ran away from his girl

#7. My sister is playing eroge?!
This anime was supposed to be a big hit, until recently I get this side of me that hate Kirino SO MUCH! I'm okay with Tsundere, but her? She's keep bitching around her brother, being all Tsun-Tsun with no dere-dere AT ALL!!! What the hell man? WHAT THE HELL?
BUT, there's this one episode that change my opinion of her.

You know, I too am a brother for my little sister. And she...is just like Kirino in one way another, except she's not an otaku. I really know how it feels having a bitchy little sister that does nothing but making you irritated to say "thank you" to you...

#6. The sound of Violin, smoothly breaks me

So there's this very great artist on youtube I found by chance. I first know them from this song, Ichiban no Takaramono.
This melody stirs me up and curiously search for his other works. And guess what? I found epicness, paradise, lots of them...

I guess that's for the #12-#6. As for the top 5, I will continue this another day. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after it. See you guys

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  1. Yosuga no sora? DAT LUCKY BASTARD!!! orz

    Anyway I know what it feels like...become a brother of an annoying sister... :')

    Ah! And for that Ichiban no takaramono... VIVA LA TAM MUSIC!!!

  2. >Anyway I know what it feels like...become a brother of an annoying sister... :')

    I wish I could be a good brother LOL... But in the end? I'm hopeless. I can't even give her a proper example in social life. All I do is being an otaku, a social net guy without outdoor socialization...